Tension Load Cell

  • Model Code : HE 2410
  • Warranty : 1 YEAR

Item Code: HE 2410

Tension Sensor is used in industrial applications where the tension is being measured by using DEE / Bow Shackles. Tested & Compact design for Easy Fittings and perfect results. Tension Sensor Available for Different Ranges from 2T to 200T. It is constructed for Heat Treated Alloy Tool Steel Material. Tension Sensor have Electroless Nickle Plating Surface. They are specially Designed for Tension Applications. It is Best Suited for Over Load Safety, Crane Scales etc…


We can also design and manufacture Tension Sensor as per your Dimensional Requirements.


Details And Specifications :


HE 2410


Tension Load Cell


0 – 1Tf to 0-100Tf

Nominal Output

1 mV/V FSO


Applied Rope Tension

Non Repeatability

< ± 0.1% FSO

Non Linearity

< ± 0.1% FSO

Non Linearity

< ± 0.1% FSO

Input Resistance

775 Ohms ± 15 Ohms

Output Resistance

700 Ohms ± 5 Ohms

Temp. Compensation.

0 to 60°C

Safe Overload

150% of Rated Capacity

Temp. Effect on Zero

± 0.002% FSO /°C

Temp. Effect on Output

± 0.002% FSO /°C


Alloy tool Steel

Protection Class

IP 66

Major Applications :

  • For Safety in Over Head Cranes

  • Over Load Limitting

  • For Cargo Handling in Shipyards

  • Marine Towing

  • For Bridge Rope Tension Measurement

  • Hanging Scales & Crane Scales

  • Vehicle Pull Tests

  • In Line Tension Measurements

  • Shipyard Bollard Pull,

  • Aircraft Anchoring Pull Test

  • Lifting Equipments

  • Tension Dynamometers

Product Specifications
Standard Capacities30Tf to 50Tf
Sensor TypeS Type Load Cell
Load Direction Both Tension & Compression Mode
Rated Output1 mV/V of Rated Capacity
Input Resistance400Ω � 15Ω
Output Resistance350Ω � 5Ω
Temp. Effect on Output< 0.002% FSO /�C
Temp. Effect on Zero< 0.002% FSO / �C
Creep (30 Mins)< � 0.15% of FSO
Insulation Resistance (50VDC)> 1000mΩ
Temp. Compensation.0 to 60�C
Non Linearity< � 0.1% of FSO
Zero Balance� 1% of FSO
Construction MaterialAlloy Tool Steel
Electroless Nickle PlatedYes